Why consider “Taking Control?”

As a person with physical, sensory, or behavioral limitations, control over one’s individual life is key for getting what you want out of life. Having the ability to respond to opportunities while exercising the flexibility to change according to any given situation is imperative to succeeding in achieving personal life goals.

Directly supervising their own Personal Assistants provides the member flexibility in their own life without having to work with third party schedulers and nurses who may create schedules that are very difficult to change and that may limit independence and freedom of choice.

That’s where Taking Control comes in. This program will allow your members to be the supervisor of their own personal assistant services. The member can hire who they like (subject to some restrictions), train them in areas important to the member, and supervise their daily work. Tasks are not as limited as they are in a traditional-care aide plan. If a personal assistant does not work well for the member, the member can replace them.

Who can be hired?

If accepted into the Taking Control program the member can hire almost anyone over the age of 18 to be the personal assistant. The only people expressly forbidden to provide the service (and get paid for it) are the member’s spouse, parent of a child under 21 or designated representative. Any other adult relative of the member who does not reside with the member, or any other adult relative who resides with the member because the amount of care the member requires makes such relative’s presence necessary, may work for the member.

What does the member need to Take Control?

  • Be eligible for Personal Assistant Services.
  • Make available a phone that is registered to the member/employer or designated representative so assistants can call in/out to track their hours worked.
  • Be a “Self-Directing” person - that is, be able to understand the decisions about their medical needs and implement them. If a member doesn’t believe they can be self-directing, you and/or the member can designate someone who is.