Sample Job Description

Job Title

Personal Assistant (PA), part-time


Nature of Work

Suzy Rose is a college student at the State University (SU). A recent car accident caused a spinal cord injury. This resulted in paralysis and a loss of sensation below chest level. In addition, she has a partial use of her arms and wrists. She uses a motorized wheelchair and drives a lift-equipped van. While attending SU for pre-law studies, she needs a PA who also is her campus dorm roommate. She needs assistance in the morning and at night. She usually is independent in activities during the day and during on- and off-campus social activities.


Qualifications and Quality of Employee

Trained and experienced personal care attendants/aides are welcome to apply. However, student applicants with no experience can apply if they have the following qualities:

  • Be dependable, arrive for work on schedule, or call as much in advance as possible when unable to work.
  • Be on time or call as much in advance as possible when arrival will be delayed by 10 minutes or more.
  • The PA roommate who shares Suzy's dorm room always must be present in the room whenever Suzy is in bed. This is required since Suzy is not able to get out of bed on her own or attend to sudden medical or personal needs in an emergency.
  • Keep Suzy's thoughts, values, beliefs, relationships, and activities confidential and private.
  • Maintain a reasonably clean and neat personal appearance, while providing assistance to Suzy.
  • Never come to work under the negative influence of alcohol, medications, or drugs.
  • Be willing to discuss and resolve employment-related problems with Suzy.
  • Provide Suzy as much advance notice as possible when resigning in order to help me find a replacement.

Duties to be Performed

Each part-time PA will be asked to perform a specific section of Suzy's task checklist shown below. That section will be identified and discussed at the on-site interview with Suzy or her PA coordinator.


Assistance Needed


How Long


Approx. Start/
Stop Times

morning meds in bed

2 min

each morning

7 am

empty bladder

2 min

each morning


change/clean urinary device

10 min

each morn



3 hrs

M-TH eves & after accidents

after 7 pm

bowel/douche routine & shower

1.5 hrs

Su-T-Th eves

7:30-9:00 pm


Work Schedule and Comments

The schedule of duties will be discussed at the interview. The PA occasionally will be asked to help with non-routine duties. These will be requested and scheduled in as much advance as possible with the PA. PAs are requested to provide at least a week's notice when time off is needed and a four-week notice of intention to resign.


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